HR Solutions

Our innovative HR solutions are designed to plug existing gaps in the hiring process and to streamline it with a view to simplify hiring, for all stakeholders involved.

From India’s first skill assessment-based job portal to its most extensive competency testing platform to a unique candidate engagement tool, Wisdom IT Services has developed HR solutions that have been game changers for the industry

Hr solutions
wisdomejobs is one of India’s leading job portals with a user base of over 30 million job seekers. It is the only job portal that offers free skill assessments for over 6000 skillsets to its users leading to a vast and engaged user base that also serves as readily available source of quality talent for our recruitment services. With an aim of encouraging holistic skill development of job seekers, it also offers free online tutorials, practice tests and interview tips on more than 4000 topics to its users.

Pragnya meter is a first-of-its-kind Platform as a Service model assessment centre that enables recruiters and employers to create and deliver online competency assessments to candidates. With a bank of over 5 Crore questions on 6000+ topics and the flexibility to customize test patterns as required, it offers employers a simple but highly effective method of shortlisting their candidates in an objective manner. Rich in security and integrity features, it helps companies to significantly reduce the time and effort involved in moving from initial shortlisting to final onboarding of candidates. It also serves as a tool for HR practitioners in the organization to gauge employee competencies with a view to benchmark compensation.


VConnect is a unique voice-based candidate engagement tool that is designed to help recruiters ease the task of contacting shortlisted candidates and engaging those who are being processed for various open positions. By facilitating simultaneous contact with hundreds of candidates at the same time, it reduces recruiter effort to a fraction of the usual and improves productivity and time to hire manifold.

Quick source

Quick Source is a custom sourcing service that helps recruiters, hiring managers and start-up owners take the pain out of sourcing. It delivers curated resumes of interested, ready-to-be-interview candidates based on the specific requirements of the open position while taking the cost implications of dealing with a recruitment agency out of the equation.

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