• Date :2018-10-24
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  • Client :niche IT Products
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Case Study: Contract hiring for a niche IT Product Development Company

Client Profile: The client is a niche IT Products company, specializing in security products and catering to global customers.

The Project: a large transition:  Due to a large transition of staff, the client approached Wisdom IT Services to exclusively recruit fifteen contractors to help execute the extensive project

Finding the right candidates:It was very important to the client that all contractors be extremely skilled, comfortable with tight deadlines, and able to fit well into the structure of the organisation. Our recruitment specialists understood the importance of finding candidates with the right culture fit, and provided a fact-to-face candidate screening of suitable candidates before presenting a shortlist. This was followed by the interview process where we provided the client with extensive documented feedback from each candidate following their interview.

The Results: The client was able to hire all fifteen contractors within 6 weeks, which allowed the project to commence and ultimately be delivered on time. Wisdom IT Services was able to gauge the critical of the project and fill the required number of urgent interim roles to the client’s satisfaction.
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